MAY 2014

The Appomattox River Water Authority (ARWA) has recently received two prestigious awards: The Commonwealth Of Virginia Department Of Health 2013 Excellence In Waterworks Operations/Performance Award and The American Waterworks Association 15 Year Director’s Award.

These awards are earned based on the production of exceptional quality drinking water. The Virginia

Department of Health Office of Drinking Water’s Excellence in Waterworks Operations/Performance award was based on meeting stringent turbidity limits ninety-five percent of the time during finished water production.

The 15 year Director’s award is related to the Partnership for Safe Water sponsored by the American Water Works Association, the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies the Association of State Drinking Water Administrators, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the National Association of Water Companies and the Water Research Foundation. The 15 year Director’s award has only recently been awarded to two water utilities in Virginia, with Chesterfield County being the other. This award signifies an outstanding commitment to delivering superior quality drinking water to customers. These awards speak highly about the exceptional employees of the Authority and the quality work that they deliver each and every day.

In 2018, the Authority received a “50” Years of American Water Work Association Member and Service to the Water Industry Award.